Candid chats about motherhood. 
Uncut & uncensored.

Who knew motherhood would be so tough? Not me. I'm Heba Shunbo, mother of 3-year-old twins, and I've got stories to tell. From parenting and dating to weight loss and potty training, me and my guests tackle just about everything during Mommy's Happy Hour, and we don't do it without some good laughs and some real — very real — talk. Join our bi-weekly episodes on Wednesdays.


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Hey there, I'm Heba Shunbo. Mommy to toddler twins, Nina and Zane. And they're double the trouble.

Having my kids a little later in life, living in Cairo surrounded by family, and realizing this motherhood thing isn’t as easy as it seems, I decided to get together with like-minded mommies to give you a behind-the-scenes view of the reality of motherhood and the sh*t we go through. We like to keep it real, uncut, and uncensored. Join us in our candid discussions.